10 Applicable Wooden Bathroom Vanity with Simple Design

Your bathroom is a place where you need to have a comfortable zone. There is a lot of bathroom design that you can apply as an inspiration. The use of wooden bathroom vanity is one of the best idea that you can apply, to have a unique bathroom design.

Charming Wooden Bathroom Vanity with Minimalist Concept

1. Classic style with simple natural color

Image Source: https://cdn.logfurnitureplace.com

The use of natural color is a key options that you can apply to your bathroom. The picture below can show you that the use of wooden vanity in your bathroom is not always a bad option.

2. Charming contemporary wooden vanity

Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com

You can always apply different design to your bathroom vanity. The use of modern design can be perfect if you would like to combine with natural design by the use of wooden vanity.

3. Perfect lighting for your wooden vanity

Image Source: https://www.digsdigs.com

You cannot say that the use of lighting style will not have any impact to your bathroom design. The picture below show you an incredible lighting model that can help you to have a perfect design.

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4. Middle eastern wooden vanity style

Image Source: https://sc02.alicdn.com

You need to know that most of the Middle Eastern style will try to use wooden vanity for their bedroom. You can try to apply the same model or different style with the picture below.

5. White modern vanity with wooden ornament

Image Source: https://www.tradewindsimports.com

The use of white color as a part of basic color is one of the best idea that you can apply to your bathroom. Most people will use this vanity design to have a new concept to your bathroom.

6. Luxurious wooden vanity with incredible lighting

Image Source: www.rebornhomes com

If you want to have a luxurious vanity design in your bathroom, you need to make sure that you have a perfect lighting. There is a lot of lighting model that you can apply to have a better design.

7. Wall mounted wooden vanity cabinet

Image Source: www. ferryhilllocalhistory com

The use of Wall Mounted wooden vanity is one of the best options if you want to apply a simple design. There is a lot of wooden color that you can apply for the incredible result.

8. White marble cabinet with wooden combination

Image Source: https://www.contemporist.com

Sometimes, the use of natural touch in your bathroom can be the best solution. You can always have a new refreshment with the use of marble for your vanity.

9. Simple classic vanity model in your large bedroom

Image Source: www. sttiafrica com

Classic is not always old for your interior design. You can always combine classic vanity model with the use of modern bathroom design for a better touch.

10. Farmhouse design with wooden vanity

Image Source: pinterest.com

The use of farmhouse design is a new popular model that you can apply to your bathroom. Most people will try to use this design by using a natural painting for their vanity.

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Most people will try to use wooden bathroom vanity to have a unique storage design. You can also use a wooden vanity to have a natural touch on your bathroom, that can give you a new refreshment.

There is always be a new sensation that you can feel every day with the use of natural furniture. You can try to choose natural color options that can be match with your bathroom design.

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