21+ Staircase Space Ideas Which Are Functional

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Turning a barren spot under the stairs into something magical and functional needs well-planning. You got to be genius so you will have your own Narnia wardrobe which can transform into anything. Many various things you can put under the staircase space. Just decide what you think in your house need to be hidden from guests. Or you might think something that really needs a settled place, hidden and organized. No more thinking, check the following staircase space ideas which give more functions to your house and explore the staircase space really well. Welcome to Narnia.

21+ Magical Ideas and Tips for Organizing Stuff Under the Staircase

1. A Seating Corner

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Imagine that you are a dwarf which can do anything in any lower spot. Set the ultimate entertainment under the stairs by placing a simple bench and some shelving for books and CDs. It becomes the sweetest place to escape for stroppy teens, parents in need of wine and relax, or overcharged kids.

2. A Washing Machine Corner

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This bulky appliance normally takes up cupboard space in the kitchen. Even a desperate homeowner of a tiny house put it in the spare of a bedroom! Actually, you can set this machine at the staircase space with its supporting items. Call the expert for working on some wiring work and electrical sockets. The under-staircase area is a really perfect spot for hiding wires and sockets.

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3. A Tidy Coat Cupboard

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From the old time, the area under the staircase is used for old coats ram and walking boots sitting place. Now, you can also have this idea with the more sophisticated storage system for slot bags, dog walking leads, guests’ coats and jackets, shoes to keep the hallway clear or umbrellas. Make everything handy in this small place.

4. A Kitchen Space

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Are you wondering how even a kitchen is set under the staircase? Yes, you can do it. Just consider you have a subterranean kitchen without fuse sockets for an oven or insufficient space for making a functional worktop. You need to think simple then. Just put the bulky appliance such as wine coolers and refrigerator in one line under the staircase. This is the way to get them out the way and provide the wider space in your real kitchen.

5. A Pet Seat

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This one is for animal lovers. They should know that an old animal needs ‘me; time as much as we want. Therefore, building a simple place for its bed and some drawers below as a pet corner is a great idea. In winter, you can take your wet dog here to dry its body off. The drawers could be functioned as the storage for cat toys and treats.

6. A Pantry Space

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You may dream to have a pantry which is possible to feed many people and guests in your house. However, sometimes you can’t spare the cupboard in the kitchen for the food big stocks. Install a few shelves under your staircase and add a lick of paint. There you transform it into an open supermarket of food. You won’t ever misplace your marmite or a condiment in your own supermarket.

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Never underestimate a space under your staircase. By checking the staircase space ideas above, you might have some more creative ideas. Just make functional every inch of your house.

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