21+ Small Bathroom Ideas Which Are Functional

If you hear small bathroom ideas words, you might think about the difficult plan or design to carry on. Meanwhile, designing the small bathroom is simple as you can add more functional furniture and storage for your bathroom. A smart design brings more organized bathroom which means it needs more storage.

Scattered objects in the bathroom are the reason why your bathroom looks smaller. Therefore, every design element in your small bathroom should be more functional and have more purpose to make a space-saving sanctuary.

In a hardware store, you may hunt some space-saving furniture ideas. But before doing that, take a look at the following small bathroom ideas which may inspire you for shopping and designing.

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21+ Tips for A Small Bathroom

1. Additional Storage

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Of course, the top element for a small bathroom is additional storage. There are some items of furniture you can use for the storage:

– Colorful storage ladders for storing some containers.
– Stack floating shelves which are fashionable.
– Wooden crates which can be stacked into the wall or put on the ground.
– Sink skirts for hidden cleaning products.

Mind the other fashionable and playful storage rather than just a large cabinet. It will create a new atmosphere and good looking small bathroom. Another alternative is you can build a built-in small cabinet above the closet for storing your personal objects.

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2. Colour Painting

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Truly speaking, the wall painting influences the look of the room. So, you must think about the colour palette carefully before painting. Neutral colours are great choice to make your bathroom look calm and pleasing. Firstly, think about a neutral colour palette based on your bathroom theme.

Next, make textures and patterns in neutral tones to give more creativity. But it needs to be noticed that the white colour is the best choice because it is associated with cleanliness.

3. Functional LifeStyle

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In a small bathroom, be functional is key for clearing unwanted clutter. Therefore, add some design elements which only have more functions. Get rid of the objects or accessories which have no function. The examples of functional lifestyle are:

– Have a hamper under the sink for storage.
– Store some swabs and cotton balls in glass jars on the floating shelf.
– Add stackable baskets or crates underneath the cabinet or above the washer.
– Keep your personal products in closed storage such as a glass box or sliding shelf rather than displaying them on the counter space.

4. Pops of Colour

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Some pops of colour could be an alternative to painting. It showcases some side of the furniture such as the bathroom tile, hand towels, robes or even rugs. It is for creating your own flair and ambiance. These tricks might inspire you:

– Display some stylish soap dishes and accessories.
– Hang vibrant robes or towels to add more colour and show your personality.
– Have a colorful mirror by painting the frame in a bold colour.

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5. Lighting

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Any small room needs good lighting. It could be a bright light from the lamps or natural light from the window or ventilation. A bright light radiates perfectly on the white or neutral colour of the wall. So, don’t choose dime light to avoid the sense of gloomy and spooky bathroom.

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Those are some small bathroom ideas which will turn your small bathroom into a functional bathroom with playful colour and decoration. Give it try!

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