20+ Ornaments for Rustic Kitchen Idea Cozy Atmosphere

Rustic kitchen is a choice if you like classic and country feeling. If you live in modern area you don’t need to throw away your dream to have rustic kitchen in your house. Get the peacefulness which comes from rustic ambiance by following these rustic kitchen idea which feature antiques, wood and weathered surface. All of those ornaments bring an intimate and welcoming cooking place.

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20+ Rustic Kitchen Ideas for Modern Living House

1. Stone Walls

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The stonework is amazing when you set it in your kitchen. This design shows the classic country house and looks perfect with an 1800s Spanish trestle table and upholstered stools.

2.Salvaged Wood 

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The kitchen usually is completed with some cabinets and storage. That would be great if you feature the cabinet panel with an old-growth cypress wood salvaged. Then, choose an unlacquered brass hardware which looks over time and add more rustic taste.

3. Ceiling Details

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This rustic kitchen idea includes the detailed ceiling from some exposed beams. Combining with the rich floors, your kitchen will look more rustic from top to bottom.

4. Blue Backsplash

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The rustic details of wood cabinets in your kitchen are perfect if it is combined with a shiplap ceiling and the blue backsplash for creating a happy and bright vibe.

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5. Bright White

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Old house is identical with white paint, so do a rustic kitchen. Install the pale oak floors and butcher block counters during the renovation. The black pulls look conspicuous against the white cabinets. Finally, add a modern light around it.

6. Boat Influence

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Inspired by a boat, you can have this rustic kitchen idea by rebuilding your kitchen around the existing stove. Add polyurethane to the countertops and paint the cabinets in white. All of those renovations will bring the vibe of a gallery on a boat.

7. Barn Beams

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This idea is inspired by a barn. The barn beams turn your kitchen to a stunning cooking area if it is completed with floors which are made from reclaimed barn planks.

8. Log Walls

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This idea is coming from a classic log house. Furnish with an open shelving for the kitchen to let the walls as a center stage. The blue cabinets help the room look brighter and cheerful.

9. Antique Furniture

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Complete your rustic kitchen with antique furniture such as an antique bench. You may use it as a bench but you can also use as a kitchen island which is a really genious rustic kitchen idea.

10. Open Shelving

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It is one of the rustic kitchen idea which replaces the upper cabinets. This open shelving makes your kitchen more airy and spacious. The countertops and shelves are designed from the galvanized metal. Meanwhile, the caninetry is made from used fencing.

11. Outdoor space

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It is wonderful to have an outdoor spaceas your rustic kitchen idea. It has built-inshelves, liquor cabinets, and custom firewood holders so you’ll get an outdoor cocktail at once. Grow some vines around it to make it more beautiful and look natural.

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There you are several rustic kitchen ideas which you can apply in your house. Feel the difference and atmospherewhile cooking in this kitchen.

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