21+ Cool and Modern Teen Bedroom Ideas

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A teen is a stage when your kid turns a bit independent in making the decision, picking a choice, and determining some perspective. So, in designing the bedroom, think about what your teen like to do and think. Consider the bedroom is not just a place for sleeping, but also the place from escapes from the hectic world of rules and demands. Teen needs some areas to express themselves so the bedroom is like their oyster. Although their favorite are sometimes discordant, you should still be ready in planning and managing the ideas together beautifully. Here are the cool and modern teen bedroom ideas that you can tie together.

11+ Important Things and Ideas for Modern Teen Bedroom

1. A Packed Bedroom

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A teen usually loves to have a packed bedroom with multifunctions. No matter the size, the bedroom should be enough for having fun with friends, doing homework, showing up the personality, and reflecting the personality. So, the areas should be set in the bedroom is a sleeping area, a study area, and a place to lounge with friends. There are some tips for a small bedroom:

– Make a small surface for writing and use the vertical space above. Below the table surface, you can make the storage or others.
– Put a small bench against the bed’s footboard for a good lounge.
– Have some throw pillows on a rug in a corner.
– Set the bed lengthwise against the wall and put mosquito netting or fabric to give the exotic sleeping and lounge combination.
– A sofa table is also a good idea for working and becomes a great desk for small space.

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2. A Fun Bedroom with Hanging Bed or Chair

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Fun is identical with teens so their bedroom is their absolute area to express their creativity. Some of the fun teen bedroom ideas are:

– A round bed
– A wall mounted fish tank
– A creative hanging chair or swing
– A chalkboard wall which is available in various colors

3. A Bold Wall Bedroom

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Teens love the vibrant colour for giving the high energy for the bedroom and the wall is the biggest area to work on with. There are some ideas for the wall bold design:

– A custom painted wall
– Removable wall decals
– Bright color painting
– A graffiti wall or custom paint
– Favorite words or light marquis signs in neon

4. Tactile Textured Bedroom

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Natural fabrics and textures bring a safe and comfortable feel for the teens to spend the time. The examples of the touchy elements in the bedroom are:

– Plush bedding
– Flocked velvet wallpaper
– Hanging curtains for space partition
– Hang fringe
– Colorful pillows in various textures

5. Good Storage

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Teens are hard to be organized thus they are identical with a messy room. A messy room is actually because of insufficient and disorganized storage. Therefore, a mother should provide the best storage for keeping all the stuff as simple as possible. They then keep the room tidy without feeling forced. The storage ideas might be:

– A cabinet wall placed around the bed
– Some dressers
– Shelving
– Storage bins under the bed
– Storage ottomans or benches

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There you are some fun and cool tips for modern teen bedroom ideas for you. Keep your teen’s personality and build the bond.

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