20+ Modern Staircase Ideas With Various Pattern

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A modern staircase has two main styles: open and spiral. Both of them have been attracted the multistory house homeowner. There are various styles designed by the interior designer which deal with the paint ideas, or the steps floating and a spiral staircase with an actual piece of pop art.

To see what you want for the staircase design, you should consider the space, the function, and of course the budget. Certain materials and accessories bring a certain budget. If you have considered all of those things, check the following modern staircase ideas which are probably matched to your willing.

20+ Ideas and Material of Modern Staircase

1. Oak Staircase

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An oak staircase is a custom staircase for a farmhouse. But with some unique sculpture on the wall and the ceiling, the staircase looks different. The staircase was crafted from the best-selected kiln-dried oak which is combined with the raw steel handrail. The last finishing has wrapped the steel with beeswax. This staircase would cost around 20,000 pounds.

2. The Double Sweep

image source; homedit.com

If you the eighteenth-century house style, this staircase might be the answer. The staircase comes with a sympathetic architecture of the past time period, but it is built with a twenty-first century finishes. Started with the large cellars under the house which look elegant by the double staircase. Then, the railings and overhanging light above look graceful with the curve of the stairs.

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3. Line-by-line Staircase

image source; interiorgod.com

The timber claire-voie installed around the staircase functions as a screen to subtly separate the hall from the sitting room. It gives the sense of openness of the homeowner who loves the open-plan space. The striking device combines the transparency with the enclosure.

4. Striped Staircase

image source; stylewithin.co.uk

Actually, it is not the staircase which is in striped painting. It is only the dress of the staircase which had been popular over the past 25 years ago. This is a traditional technique of flat weaving which looks classic continually until now.

The first pattern was shown in 1987 and was developed in an unmistakable signature and elegant striped carpets and runners. Since then, the flatweave carpets become the ideal suit to the staircase due to the flexibility to upholstery fabric and can be fitted to any turn.

5. Fantastic Lighted Staircase

image source; shacbiga.com

The architecture idea of this staircase is the combination of glass and limed oak with a big rooflight above the staircase. It is like the porthole showers the room with a bunch of light.

6. White Floating Stairs

image source; sixteenfiftynine.com

Dare to be different and challenged? Choose this idea which uses the floating and cantilevered staircase. It leads down to the room which is also elegant and takes a little space with the very minimalist decoration. Make sure you have no kids to try this idea.

7. Colour Popped Staircase

image source; homedit.com

The design of this staircase is strongly affected by the black-and-white striped wallpaper which moves down the staircase. It is featured by the bold and sophisticated colour choices with the monochrome treads. It looks futuristic, indeed!

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Finally, whatever modern staircase ideas you choose, make sure they match the concept of your house. With the right choice, the staircase will become the focal point of your house.

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