27+ Modern Desk Ideas for Any Business and Space

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A desk is an important equipment for working whether you work at office or at home. Its design determines your working stability due to the function and space spent. The desk is mostly used for working on your tasks, checking emails or documents, and also as a centre point of your office. Therefore, instead of having a bland desk, why don’t you try to have a more fun and good looking desk for cheering your working hours? The variation of modern desk ideas now are spread in the hardware store, but you can always design your personal desk based on your creativity and personality. To help you exploring your creativity, there are some ideas here which you can look through.

7 Functional Designs with the Details for Your Office Desk

1. Live-edge Wood Desk

If you like the touch of the nature in your office, this style could be the option. It is a thick slab of live-edge wood which becomes a simple organic desktop. The long piece of live-edge wood also can act as a long workspace for two people, or the one who likes to spread out the documents or wide papers.

2. Double-dip Desk

The uniqueness of this style is an angular dip which functions as a perfect divider for holding a stack of important documents or several supporting books. You can maximize the work area of this double-length desk by placing a set of computer, a desk lamp, or some folders.

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3. Card Catalog Desk

The desk uses library-style card holder which pulls adorn the drawers of the wood desk. It could be hand-made by a crafty homeowner. You can paint the drawer fronts of a classic desk different hues to get the similar look to swap out the handles for the card holder.

4. Floating Desk In the Corner

This one is a perfect style for you to fill an awkward corner, especially a corner with a window. It creates a cozy and good view spot for a desk. It is also nice to know you have maximized every inch of the room for working.

5. Bookshelf Desk

A V-shaped shelf is attached along one side of a sleek modern desk for this style. The shelf is surely used for your favorite books which are arranged within your arm’s reach. It is a great idea for you who loves to keep the materials close by when you are working, for example, a lecturer or a teacher.

6. Ultra-simple Standing Desk

This design is so minimalist and space-saving. Use a wall shelf for the standing desk and pair it with a stool which you can perch on when you need to stand up. You may add some other shelves for additional storage.

7. Chalk-painted Desk Nook

It is the most compact nook which suits the custom-fit floating desk with a layer of chalkboard paint on the wall. If you want to have more function on the space, you can use magnetic chalk paint to write an agenda or notes, to attach some papers or to post some photos.

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To decide modern desk ideas, consider the space, the function and the personality you want. Keep in mind that the best choice is the rightest one for your working needs.

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