23+ Modern Bedroom Ideas Which Meet Comfort

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Modern home decoration is usually considered as a cold space with favor aesthetics rather than comfort. This misconception leads to the concept of the furniture, too. Therefore, do not think an uncomfortable bed when it comes to modern bedroom ideas.

Most of the ideas in this article come in contemporary style with comfortable living. The ideas make the modern bedrooms become neutral, not exclusive. They combine the contemporary design and coziness from the modern bedroom furniture to the sleek lighting and design feature.

The ideas here also created by the best interior designers in the world. Ready to dive in? Here are the amazing modern bedroom ideas for your comfort.

23+ Plans for Cozy Modern Bedrooms

1. Open Plan Bedroom-Bathroom

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Do you like a spacious area with minimum partitions? Try this concept. A bedroom and a bathroom in one space without walls or partitions. With the wide-plank oak floorboards for a bedroom and geometric tiles for bathroom, the room comes with a firm lane on its floor. Install the brass strips edge of the fabric-fronted fabric wall and combine the white wall with the graphic curtains. It is indeed a fabulous creation for your sanctuary.

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2. Minimalist Bedroom with Wood Panelling

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This plan is good for tricking a small bedroom visually. Build the neat attic which is partially clad in horizontal tongue-and-groove boarding. You can use the range from any paneling company which has a similar effect.

3. Bedroom with Sash Windows

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The two sash windows built in the bedroom surely let the natural light to come into the room. Then, set an artichoke artwork above the bed which picks the green tone of the bed cover.

4. Bedroom with Metal Four Poster

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Four poster bed is timeless. You can use a modern iron four poster which features wool blanket, monogrammed cushions, and a linen-covered duvet. The calm and bright colour scheme fits well with white walls and painted a paneled ceiling. Have a Crittal-style French door and window which are covered with soft grey roman blinds. Also, install a crystal chandelier for the touch of glam.

5. Bedroom with Built-in Bedside Table

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This one is inspired by Ett Hem, a hotel in Stockholm. It is simple but great. The bedroom is supported by the built-in bedside table which is installed to the wall. Besides modern and practical, it also smart savvy-place for smaller bedroom.

6. Bedroom with Statement Sculpture

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The mirrored statement sculpture is a great idea for a headboard. It is great match with the sleek and simple mid-century work in icy whites and cool blues. This bedroom design is for you who love mid-century pieces without the sense of historical museum. It is because the pieces are reframed for today use.

7. Attic Bedroom with Map Wallpaper

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If you have an attic bedroom, this one might be good for you. The city map wallpaper is great for the room feature which decorates the sweet reading nook with the porthole window. Just never underestimate yourself in making any awkward space designer.

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The variety of the above modern bedroom ideas are based on the concept and the needs of the house. Pick one or more for the best cozy and comfortable bedroom in your house.

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