13 Minimalist Kitchen Ideas For A Modern House

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In the past time, a kitchen is merely for cooking. Then, in 1950’s the minimalist movement occurred and brings the various types of minimalist kitchen although the simple and clean line is still famous. There are several characteristics that should be followed in having a minimalist kitchen ideas.

First, less means more. Simplifying the design does not mean reducing the design and function. Just focus on what you need in the kitchen, skip the little unnecessary details. Second, keep the clean lines such as the concealed hinges and handles, the sharp corners, or the square edges.

Mostly a minimalist design uses rectangles, squares or simple vertical-horizontal lines. Third, keep the kitchen clutter-free by getting the smart storage solutions and concealed bins. Fourth, celebrate the beauty through the material.

13 Inspiring Setting for A Minimalist Kitchen

Choose the right texture and surface such as exposed wood grain or humble concrete. The last is have one focal. Whether it is the wall colour, a prominent light, or a single texture. Get some ideas? Here are more inspiring minimalist kitchen ideas for you.

1. A Minimalist Galley Kitchen

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It is an excellent idea for a kitchen space which is narrow and long. Decorate it with a combination of built-in cabinets, a wooden worktop, a wooden dining table, and walls covered by ceramic tiles. Besides the efficiency, the idea is also to have a safe working environment.

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2. Textured Modern Kitchen

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Although minimalism means to keep the clear line, it does not mean you cannot have texture. The texture idea is like having the exposed brick walls and some wooden beams. The combination is great when it features the modern and trendy bar stools. The built-in cabinets in white colour make the interior manageable and clean.

3. A Great View Kitchen

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If your house is luckily located on the beautiful spot such as a beach or mountain, have your kitchen to face that view. Ask the builder to install one or two large windows. It is not only for getting the best panoramic view but also to have super natural light for the room. Your cooking and dinner will never be bored, indeed.

4. Stylish Contemporary Kitchen

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When it comes to an effortlessly stylish kitchen, the contemporary furnishing is the answer. Take the colour scheme which is around the white and grey gradations. Those colour options make the whole interior look more spacious. To get a natural touch, install the natural wood flooring for inducing the warmth in ambiance.

5. A Stellar Design for A Tiny Kitchen

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You can still play some design in your tiny kitchen. Get the best use of every square inch of the kitchen space. Optimize the storage from floor to ceiling with the cabinets. Install the tiled flooring and backsplash to give the variation. Plus, a chic and bright lighting fixture is beautiful for the dining area.

6. Other Ideas

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7. Other Ideas

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8. Other Ideas

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9. Other Ideas

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10. Other Ideas

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11. Other Ideas

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12. Other Ideas

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13. Other Ideas

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So, the main point is those minimalist kitchen ideas should be easy to maintain and clean as the main concept for a minimalist kitchen. It also helps you to have a spacious area even in a small home. Enjoy your great cooking experience in a minimalist kitchen!

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