20+ Cozy Living Room Color Ideas For Inspirations

20+ Cozy Living Room Color Ideas

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Living room is the important part of the house that is setting to unites all the part that make you completely call your house a home. Living room is designed for togetherness to make memories along with comfort and leisure. There is so many ways to make your living room more fresh and have interest in it. One of them is applying a color to it. Here is some of living room color ideas to give you inspiration to remake or build up your comfortable living room.

10 List Cozy Living Room Color Ideas

1. Blue-Green Living Room

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Apply this color to your living room and combine it with white in some part of the area to make a balance color of the living room. You can match up the living room that use this color with a white sofa and chair along with table and cupboard made from wood. The brown wood color will lived up the entire room. Your living room is surely turn out so aesthetically pleasing.

2. Elegance Navy Blue Living Room

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The combination of navy blue and white to the living room will give an elegance vibe to the room. To complete the elegance vibes, you can add a white sofa with navy blue patterned pillow and rug.

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3. Warm Yellow Living Room

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Make your living room a warm room to spend quality time with people you love by applying a warm yellow color to it. Warm yellow color can be combined with brown, beige, pastel green or white furniture, inspired by the sunflower.

4. Pastel Green Living Room

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Cozy and comfortable living room could be made by combining the pastel green and white color. Add a fresh and soft vibes to the living room for you to enjoy your rest time after so much works.

5. Simple Grey Living Room

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Apply a grey color to your living room and match it up with a black table. The grey wall will make your wall decoration stand up by putting a simple picture on black frame. White grey sofa complete the simple but neat living room.

6. Classic Beige Living Room

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If you add a classic vibes to your living room, you can try to apply beige color to the wall and combine it with brown furniture and decorations. Brown long curtain will match the beige wall to give more classic vibes.

7. Purple Cozy Living Room

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A simple combination of purple and white color that applied to the living room, bring such cozy and comfort vibes to the room. Living room with purple color, match really well with white sofa and some glassy decorations.

8. White Living Room

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White is the normal color for living room. You literally can match up the wall color of white with any color of furniture and decorations. Not only one color, you can also match two colors or more of decorations in living room with white color wall.

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9. Dusty Rose Living Room

image source; houseandgarden.co.uk

If you like spring and want to bring the vibes to your living room, you can apply dusty rose to your living room wall and match it up with charcoal grey to bring the spring vibes. For the furniture and decorations, you can match the wall color with black or dusty rose things to make the room stand out.

10. Spring Pastel Pink Living Room

image source; heals.com

Another spring living room color idea. Apply a soft pastel pink color to your living room to bring the happiness spring vibes. Match it with soft or pastel color furniture and decorations too to make it stand out.

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