30+ Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Which Look Updated

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Kitchen cabinets affect the style and look of your overall kitchen. It also takes an important role in organizing the kitchen necessities. Therefore, some interior designers compete to reveal their ideas in kitchen cabinet which look trendy and updated. Some designs could be tricky because the trends will look faded and dated after some years. In this case, the kitchen cabinet needs to be replaced as a big investment and lasts for several years. It is better for you to choose the beauty look but look fresh all the time. It means you combine the modern look with a classic timeless concept for the kitchen. Curious about that? Here are the modern but classic kitchen cabinet ideas for you.

5 Concepts and Styles of Kitchen Cabinet with Specific Touches

1. High and Glossy Kitchen Cabinet

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The high gloss is a good idea to be added to your kitchen cabinet. Besides its pretty look, it makes the cabinet is easy to clean by using a soft, damp rag. The glossy look also enhances the colour of the wood grain by saturating the tones. The kitchen looks brighter because of the reflective glossy surface.

2. Colourful Cabinets

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A modern and contemporary kitchen is usually more colourful. It combines the forgo traditional cabinets in the darker-stained wood and some colours. Colour cabinet easily expresses your personality based on your favorite colour. The most important thing is you can repaint the cabinet if you want to change with another colour. The bolder colour options today are mostly neutral, but strongly show the modern and minimalist look, such as grey, taupe, blue, or white.

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3. Floating Kitchen Cabinets

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Still, about a contemporary kitchen, take a look at a floating cabinet which helps to showcase your flooring and open the space. It is also ergonomic and more functional since the area near the floor is usually hard to access due to the back problem. You could add some lighting beneath the cabinet for the more contemporary glow and vibe.

4. Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

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Here is the go-green idea which takes bamboo as the main material. Bamboo is a solid material which grows so quickly. It means having the bamboo cabinets means reducing the deforestation. Bamboo is also harder than Oak so your bamboo cabinet will last longer for some years to come.

5. Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets

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This style upgrades your kitchen to be the more creative look and design. There are two-tone effect approaches which you can try:

– Actual two-tone
The actual two-tone cabinet will withstand the time longer than the one colour cabinet. The repeating two-tone cabinets with a second colour around the exterior frame looks more gorgeous instead of mixing and matching the colour cabinets.

– The high and low two-tone effect
This time you can choose the tone of your higher and upper colour cabinets. Create the fresh and long-lasting look which has richer shade on the lower cabinets and a lighter shade for the top cabinets.

More Ideas from Pinterest

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To get the right kitchen cabinet ideas, you should still consider the function instead of just the look. So you will have a timeless investment with a great look at the same time.

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