15 Kid Room Ideas Based on the Age

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There are two phases of kid’s ages dealing with their personal bedroom. They are nursery’s and child’s bedroom. Both of them have their own characteristics and functions. As the kids spend a lot of time in the bedroom for sleeping and playing, make sure you make a comfortable and spacious bedroom for them.

This article will help you to get the kid room ideas which are fun, cozy, comfortable, practical, and of course, stylish. All of them are from the brilliant imagination from the famous designers. The first three ideas are for nursery and the next two is for child bedroom.

5 Stylish Creation for Nursery and Child Bedroom

1. Vintage Nursery Bedroom

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The combination of soft pink, white and subtle grey is effortless and timelessly stylish and longevity. This design is from Emma Green who takes the idea from the vintage wallpaper tree art combined with the brighter pinks and lime greens. Those colour mixtures create a sense of scheme and freshness.

The simple white crib is placed near the window to make sure the baby gets enough light in the daytime and just simply close the cotton embroidered curtains for nap time. Add a couch, bunny nightlight and grey acrylic storage stool for the additional decoration.

2. Eco Friendly Nursery Bedroom

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The calming and clean bedroom is the important atmosphere for nursery’s bedroom. Inspired by mid-century, Nancy Straughten installed the simple wooden mobile hanging wolf cub picture combined with the earthy tone cushion perfectly. A candy Persian rug and monochrome block printed throw pillows are a great balance of the mature style with the cute elements.

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3. Neutral Nursery Room

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During the pregnancy, some people refuse to know the gender of the baby. Therefore, they choose the neutral colour for the room and furniture. This time Alex Gladwin reveal the power of blue, white and grey for the fantastic room interior.

The cot is a focal point which matches the fairy lights hanging off the shelving. It adds the feel of warmth and coziness that the baby should have. Use a light laminate floor and wall, then contrast them with the colorful accessories to make the room more fun and modern at the same time.

4. Breton Themed Bedroom

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The Geraldine Tan’s style of the bedroom brings a fresh, happy and bright sense to the room. The most important thing here is the cozy feeling, so the soft throw pillow for the bedtime and the cushion for the casual lounging are a perfect match. The bedside light is accessible due to the right position next to the bed for the drink or books in the storage below. On the other side is an empty space for chatting and playing around with friends.

5. Smart Storage for Child’s Bedroom

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The best part of the child’s bedroom is the smart storage. Rose Kinsella makes it practical, easy to use and accessible. It eases the kids to know the place of their stuff and put them back neatly. Involve the kid in choosing the colour scheme and theme so they would have pride in keeping it tidy and organized.

The good options are trays, baskets, cupboard with drawers and doors. Arrange the storage at the outer edge of the room so the kid still has clutter-free space to play.

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There you are. Have fun with you child-inner when getting the kid room ideas for your loved ones.

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