29 Best Door Paint Colors Ideas for Modern Homes

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Many homeowners of modern homes are often looking for unique door paint colors ideas. Doors, especially the front doors, need to be well-painted and given the right color scheme. They are basically the very first thing people will see when they come into a house or a room. That is why doors must look appealing. By choosing the right colors for the door, there is no doubt that your house will eventually look very stunning. Here are the best colors for door paint that will be suitable for modern homes.

1. Turquoise

One of the most common themes for modern homes these days is beach. Beach-themed or beach-inspired homes are found basically everywhere, even in the area far away from coast or an actual beach. For beach-themed, the best color scheme for the front door is turquoise. This color, along with other aqua-related colors, compliments the neutral color palettes often used in beach-themed house. It brings out the cottage-like look to the house as well.

2. Lime Green

If you have mid century-themed house with the dominating colors like brown, dark yellow, and black, lime green is probably the right color for the front door. The color looks very refreshing and helps to give a beautiful undertone to the entire house. If you do not particularly like the color of lime green, you can choose apple green and grass green colors as well. These door paint colors ideas are just great to make your house looks really inviting.

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3. Yellow

For those who have a contemporary house with unique looking furniture and decoration, yellow, whether it is bright yellow or butter yellow, is the perfect color for the front door. It gives vibrant look right from the start. Yellow color easily stands out from other colors. If you use darker color schemes for the house, including navy blue or brownish green, yellow compliments those colors perfectly.

4. Pastel Blue

Pastel blue is a very cute color. If your modern home adopts shabby chic theme, pastel blue is just the color you have to choose for the front door. It gives the right feel for the subtle color scheme of shabby chic, which mostly gets dominated by neutral colors such as stained white and ivory. Pastel blue is not only great for shabby chic-themed house. It also fits very well for farmhouse-styled house and cottage-styled house.

5. Orange

The last color on this list is orange. Orange for front door probably sounds peculiar. However, it is actually quite common, especially in industrial-styled homes. The combination between darker colors, including black, on the main walls on the house and orange on the front door creates a beautiful illusion of something sparkling and unique for the entire building.

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If you have a modern house and you want the front door or the other doors in the house to look vibrant and inviting, those five colors above can certainly do the business. They are very unique and fit for modern homes. Those door paint colors ideas are going to give your house a stunning look that impresses everyone who comes to the house for sure.

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