36+ Best Ideas to Make DIY Garden Pot

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If you love gardening, surely you would also like the idea of DIY garden pot. The plants in your garden is going to look neat and appealing if they are all well-arranged in planters or pots. Buying store-bought garden pots can cost huge amount of money, especially when you need to buy many of them.

This is why you need to know how to make garden pot on your own. These ideas down below can certainly inspire you to get creative in making DIY pots and planters for your garden.

1. DIY Recycled Wooden Crate Garden Planters

Wooden crate is something that you can get with ease. It is basically stacking up in your basement or garage. Whenever you buy something in bulk, most of the time they come in a large wooden crate. When you do not need the crate anymore, instead of throwing it away, you can turn the crates into garden planters.

The shape of wooden crates is already perfect as planters. All you need to do is basically sealing up the gap between the planks and filling it up with soil.

2. DIY Chalkboard Garden Pots

Chalkboard garden pot is one of the best DIY garden pot ideas. By having them, you can literally write on the pot. You can label the pot easily to identify what plants growing on particular pot. To make chalkboard pot, you only need two things: garden pots and black chalk paint. Cover the outer surface of the garden pots with black chalk paint and leave it to dry.

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When the paint is completely dried, you can see the the outer surface is now a little bit rough, just like a surface of a chalkboard. Now, grab a chalk and start writing on the pot! The best thing about it is that you can easily erase the writing and rewrite on it again, just like what you can do on a regular chalkboard.

3. DIY Recycled Tin Can Garden Planters

If you have plenty of tin cans at home, you can literally turn them into beautiful planters. Tin cans, especially the large-sized ones, are just perfect to be turned into planters. They have the right shape and the best thing about it is that you do not have to do much about it. There are two best ideas about recycling tin can into garden planters.

First, you can hand paint the cans to give it more appealing look. Second, you can make fabric-covered tin can planters by covering the outer surface of the tin can with patterned or colorful fabric. Both ideas work very well in giving stunning look to the tin can garden planters.

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Those are some of the cleverest ideas of making DIY pots and planters for your garden. Basically, everything can be turned into beautiful garden pots as long as you are creative about it. By making DIY garden pot, you do not have to spare lots of money just to fill your garden with stunning-looking pots and planters.

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